March 2017 Founders Update

Dear Founder,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable Trust (SCCCT), I would like to thank you for your investment in the future of chiropractic!

It is through your financial commitment and dedication to the development and growth of our profession through excellence in education that will allow us to move forward in our commitment to start an undergraduate chiropractic degree programme in Scotland. We are delighted to welcome as Founders, chiropractors from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Peru! We are just as delighted to welcome some amazing friends of chiropractic and equally amazing CAs who are donating monthly to our cause. We thank you all for having in us the trust to deliver on our promise!

I look forward to seeing you all at future events and of course, working towards our goal in the next few months and years!


Board Update

The board have been working hard over the last few months on our application for degree validation. Validation is essential to allow our chiropractic degree to be awarded to our graduates. Without validation, we cannot progress towards regulatory board accreditation and then opening our doors. The board has also been working on the degree programme itself looking at how it may be developed to fit into the structure of the Scottish education system.

We are delighted to inform you that our proposed degree programme has been accepted for Institutional Approval leading to Validation! What this means in practice is that the Board now must ensure that the Governance structure for the college is in place from an appropriate academic organisation and administrative structure to support the programme to a robust and rigorous quality assurance. It means that we must provide an appropriate learning environment where our future chiropractors can study. It also means that we must start writing cheques as we look at bringing on board a Higher Education specialist to advise us in our mission as well as fit out a university campus! It will no doubt be an exciting time ahead as well as a busy one! It also means that the drive for funds continues to enable the projects to continue. If you know of anyone who would wish to donate to the new degree programme, please encourage them to get in touch with me at the address on the bottom of this email.

As a registered Charity in Scotland, the SCCCT is also registered with the charity organisation, CAF America. CAF America allows tax deductible donations to be made from US taxpayers to our charity. Applications have been made for full registration with CAF America as well as CAF Canada for our Canadian friends to donate. For UK citizens, please keep all receipts to hand for your accountants! If you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me on the address below.

As Chair of the Board, I would like to publicly thank the continued dedication of my board members to this project.



The SCCCT recently had a booth at one of the largest annual chiropractic gatherings in the world, CalJam! Hosted by Dr Billy DeMoss and the lovely Mary-Jane, this chiropractic conference attracts upwards of 3000 delegates for lectures on chiropractic and current health topics as well as a dose of music from the conference bands on stage. I would like to thank Billy and MJ for a great weekend and for the opportunity to fundraise at their event for the new school project. Next year’s event is on the last weekend in January 2018….

The SCCCT will be represented at several upcoming conferences. Please come along and say hello! Please also wear your Founder’s badge!!

11th March                     UCA Conference, London Heathrow

25th March                     Conor Ward Lions of Chiropractic Conference, Windsor

30th March – 2nd April   Berkshires Philosophy Event, Lenox, MA, USA

8th-9th April                     The Rubicon, Melbourne, Australia

22nd April                        SCA Spring Meeting

27th-30th April                 ChiroEurope, Malaga

9-11th June                     The Edinburgh Lectures, Edinburgh


The Edinburgh Lectures June 9-11 2017 – Founders Dinner Friday 9th June 2017

The Edinburgh Lectures event this year will again be used as a fundraiser for the Scotland College of Chiropractic. This year's seminar is titled Principles of Practice Success and we welcome many Chiropractic superstars. The weekend kicks off with our stand alone, one-day intensive seminar with internationally-renowned chiropractic neurology expert, Dr John Minardi. Our weekend speakers include chiropractic neurologist, Dr Michael Hall, Chiropractic paediatric specialists, Dr Dorte Bladt and Dr Jeanne Ohm, communication superstars Dr Brad GlowakiDr Mike ReidDr Jeri Anderson, Dr Laurence Tham and Dr Tony Croke, technique and philosophy guru, Dr Tim Young and stress and lifestyle expert, Dr Joe-James Tilley. Our keynote speaker this year will be best-selling author, Matthew Syed, who will analyse the science of high performance and how individuals and organisations are using it to gain an competitive edge and continually drive success. It promises to be a great weekend of chiropractic!

To register, please go to for more details. Supersaver rate finishes on 31st March 2017.


On the Friday night, we will be having our Founders Dinner. This year we will be having dinner and a couple of guest speakers to enrich your weekend. Tickets are £75 and all profits go to the new degree programme. As a Founder, please feel free to bring a guest (or many guests!). Please contact me directly to reserve your space.


#SCCCT - #ourchiropracticlegacy

Two founders and their practices stand out for the fundraising efforts in the past few months.

A great big thanks to Founders Connell and Hayley Dorrian and Maya Varsani in Harrow for their Scottish-themed Christmas charity fundraising day. They managed to raise £1000 for the SCCCT!

Founders Ben and Izzy Mathew and their team in Cardiff have also been hard at work donating over £800 from a recent seminar hosted by them.

On top of the regular donations received, it is these type of one-off fundraising events which will help us reach our goals in the next 18 months. Thank-you!

Yours in Chiropractic



Ross McDonald, DC

Chair, The Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable trust